Lucky Trailers offers a large spectrum of custom made trailers to suit your needs. Your trailer is constructed according to your specification and drawings or we at Lucky Trailers can help you to design a trailer to suit your requirements. This includes trailers such as:

  • Generator trailers to carry small or large generators
  • Dog trailers (one, two or four dogs, enclosed or semi-enclosed)
  • Dog-wash trailers for washing and grooming
  • Battery Trailers
  • Concrete cutting trailers
  • Tradesman trailers with different tops, shelving and locking options
  • Lawn-mower trailers (enclosed or opened, with compartments for lawn-mower and ramps)
  • Cattle trailers with ramps, frames and barriers for cattle
  • Coach trailers with side and rear openings, swinging or lift-up doors
  • Camping trailers with different type of covers (canvas, plastic or sheet metal), gas-struts and locking options
  • Bobcat trailers up to 9 Tonne GVM, with many options, painted or galvanised
  • Drums Carrying Trailers
  • Furniture Trailers
  • Luggage Trailers
  • Cleaning Service Trailers
  • Water Tank Trailers
  • Display Trailers
  • Barbecue Trailers

BBQ Trailers

Cattle Trailers

Dog Wash Trailers

Luggage Trailers